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Back to Class: New Drivers’ Learning Curve, Part 2

New drivers (and their parents) do well to draw on others’ experience. Embarking on this new journey can be scary—we completely understand. So check in for a reliable answer to a commonly asked question:

What level of coverage should we carry, now that our son/daughter is listed on our policy?

This situation can seem a bit tricky, especially if your teen is driving the old family sedan. When vehicles are owned outright and are older, restrictions and requirements often lessen, and parents could be tempted to carry a minimum level of coverage just to get by. And while lower premiums are attractive—especially with a teen in the mix—this isn’t a recommended course. Remember: the more comprehensive the policy, the more thorough the protection.

Just to be clear, our goal isn’t to sell you a pre-made policy that’s overloaded with unnecessary features. It’s quite the opposite, stemming instead from genuine concern. Our aim is to analyze your situation and pinpoint coverage that’s tailored to your family’s needs—cost included.

In general, always opting for crossed T’s and dotted I’s is the safest course. That’s especially true when insuring young and new drivers. What are you protecting, after all? Ultimately, you’re looking after your family’s physical and financial well-being in the case of an accident. Safety and protection go hand in hand—this isn’t just to fill a legal requirement. Instead, you’re building a practical defense against the inevitable unknown.

Our final word is this: work with your agent to find coverage that gives your family the best protection you can afford. Life’s path may twist and turn, but solid coverage can steady your course.

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