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Updated: Apr 13

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Entrepreneurship has long been the golden egg for hard-pressed nine to fivers. But now it’s seriously trending. Beyond romantic reverie, more folks than ever—from millennials to seasoned workers, and lawyers to IT pros—are looking to strike out on their own. Moreover, advances in tech and access to resources have cleared their path. Still, dangers lurk in uncharted terrain. How can you prepare and stay protected on the road to being your own boss?

Seasoned startup principals have learned—some the hard way—that business-starting can be a bloodsport, of sorts. The rulebook reads: DO NOT play this alone. Even if your sole expertise gets you in the game, it won’t keep you there. The lesson? Admit you can’t know everything and reach out for help. Do this at the outset and you’ll stay safe on the field, developing the skill and stamina required for success. Here’s where a smart lineup of pros is crucial.

The Indispensable Seven

Our list of the seven indispensables starts with those high on just about everyone’s shortlist: accountant, lawyer, and banker (1-3). These are core team disciplines. Next up, and perhaps somewhat less obvious, a mentor or business coach (4). Especially in those early years, the right person can refine your experience, hone your discipline, and keep you focused. Finding talent in publishing (5) and social media (6) is a growing imperative and often suffer from over-underestimation—i.e., your ability and the necessity, respectively; and respectfully. Which brings us to our often last, but certainly not least, seventh requisite pro. Back to bloodsport: you’re going to need some serious protection. That’s where insurance (7)comes in—the perceived underachiever, often left on the sidelines. Ironically though, it ends up being your most vital line of defense.

Strong Safety

It’s a dangerous world, and only with the right policy on lock-down can you count on bail-out after disaster. Fire? Storm? Flood? Hack? Break-in? Injury? These things happen—more often than we want to believe. Without a policy to cover those what-ifs, you and your business could be taken straight down. So be sure to round the roster and grab a well-suited insurance pro to add to your lineup. That expert can negotiate a strategy to restore the resources you’ve expended to achieve your dream.

And One for All

Leading your team from startup to all-star requires grit, dedication, and a trained eye. But don’t let pinpoint focus distract from big-picture vision—progress leans on stability. Yes, beyond being smart business, relying on your pros will keep you steady and is vital to success. And as you work on managing roles and delegating expertise, you can rest assured that someone is advocating for your protection. With that right team in place and some room to grow, you’ll soon be on top of everything, all at once.


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