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After working in the industry part time from 2017-2019, I got back into insurance when I started with Zinc in 2021. In every position I’ve ever held–including as a college intern–I’ve always contributed directly to growing sales, acquiring new clients, and increasing marketing efficiency. I measure my own success by growth and revenue increases, and am very proud of my consistent focus on the bottom line––it has really paid off throughout my career and that’s been extremely satisfying. Joining Zinc was a great move, and I’ve been able to work with an incredibly talented team made up of true professionals. Every one of my teammates inspires me to be better every day, and I am truly thankful to be part of a company that fosters such an awesome culture. When I’m not finding new, better ways to communicate with clients, you can often find me hiking, working out, reading, playing bass guitar or spending time with my wife, our two cats, friends, and family. I also love traveling, and hope to visit all 50 states within the next few years.

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