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Hi there, I’m Will, and I’ve been working in the insurance industry since 2006. In 2020 I joined the Zinc team, and together we created Protect my Collection, a project that allowed me to connect personal passions and hobbies with professional accomplishments. Being able to provide a valuable service to my hobby community has been so rewarding. Overall, the culture here at Zinc is far and away more supportive than what I’ve experienced in other positions. Personal professional development is valued, and every team member is dedicated to working together––it’s one of a kind. When I’m not helping clients protect their collections, you can often find me with my son, volunteering as a staff member for the Pokémon Organized Play community. Thanks to him I was turned on to Pokémon and have been able to travel across the country and world to countless tournaments. My family and I also love to find new places to hike, great spots to dine, and challenging indoor rock walls to climb.