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Updated: Apr 13

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From local, Ohio beginnings to an international industry, trucking is here for the long haul. And as a vital link in the supply-and-demand chain, you and your efforts make modern convenience possible. So when it comes to protecting your investments, our goal is to make the insurance process quick, convenient, and pain-free. The zinc team is able to negotiate the very best rates, coverage, and billing options for Ohio truckers. Our trucking insurance agents are hardworking, everyday people who think of our clients as family.

Safety First–Your Best Start for Liability Limits

Anyone can say that life is busy, but truckers truly walk that talk. As one of the most regulated industries in the US, trucking’s world of shifting requirements and demanding runs–plus the everyday strain of the job–is a lot to handle. “Insurance” could sound like just another layer of stress. We’re here to change that. But first, let’s address some basic legalities. As is common in other industries, the $1M mark is a nice, even number to look for when choosing liability coverage. And typically, $1,000,000 is just what shippers are expecting. So whether you have Federal Operating Authority and haul loads across state lines or you’re operating solely in Ohio, this level of liability coverage is a must. The goal is to affordably keep you and your company safe, come what may. Now let’s get down to the most important things truckers need to consider when choosing the best: 1) agent, 2) agency, and 3) insurance company.

Top Agents Are On Your Side

When danger lurks around every bend in the road, you absolutely need an advocate. That’s a role your agent can fill. Put simply, to find the best trucking insurance in Ohio, you need to find the best agent. Ask yourself: Does my agent… ...know the ins and outs of state and federal regulations? ...have up-to-date knowledge of industry trends and shifting legal requirements? ...keep my interests–personal, professional, etc.–front and center? ...understand my specific financial parameters? All the above should be in their toolbag. But even with those skills covered, it takes more. Your agent needs to be ready to go to bat for you and your business. Josh Freet and Cindy Spiker do just that. They’ve spent decades working with Ohio truckers and have come to view them as family. And just like family, you can trust that Josh and Cindy know your business and have your best interests at heart. Our agents know that financial matters loom large in every trucker’s life. After all, expenses rise from year to year while pay stays the same. We get that struggle and we’re looking to lighten your load. So when it comes to speed and efficiency in returning calls or fulfilling requests, we set our sights high.

The Best Agency Strives to Be Better

It’s a fact of life: your work reflects on your employer. The opposite is also true–at zinc, agents mirror the values and priorities of the agency itself. Any other way wouldn’t work. Because while we’re all about individuality, quality of expertise and high levels of customer service should be consistent. At zinc, we… ...are relatable, everyday people who know our insurance. ...treat clients as we’d like to be treated, each and every day. ...always work to know, meet, and then exceed expectations. ...don’t settle for minimums and “just enough” coverage. ...know that there’s no substitute for expertise. But regardless of how much we know, we’re always ready to keep listening and learning. We feel that “customer first” shouldn’t be a catch phrase. Instead, it’s a guiding principle at the heart of our agency and a sure thing you can count on. Our Top-Pick Insurance Criteria for Ohio Truckers When you’re in a specialty industry like trucking, you know that not all insurance companies are created equal. But paired with agents and an agency that skillfully navigate between the trucking and insurance worlds, finding the best company is easier than you could have hoped. While there are several insurance companies that work well with truckers, the decision really boils down to assessing your unique level of risk–how much you carry will determine what’s best. Here are some things to ask about:

  • Deductible levels

  • “Actual Cash Value” vs. “Stated Amount” on physical damage

  • “Reefer” coverage

  • General Liability

Zinc works with a collection of insurance companies that have a long-standing relationship with us. These companies also share a deep knowledge of the trucking industry and understand that in your world, speed is top priority. When you’re looking for quick turnaround on certificates, be assured that getting you where you need to be is everyone’s goal.

Best-In-Class Service for the Long Haul

Finding an agent, agency, and insurance company that understand you and your concerns doesn’t need to be a struggle. Efficiency, affordability, and expertise–plus an old-fashioned sense of camaraderie–are right here. In the end, it’s solid relationships with quality people that elevate the insurance experience, and that’s a philosophy we live by. So if you’re looking for the best trucking insurance in Ohio with stellar service, we are ready to help. Get in touch today!



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This blog post does not provide insurance advice and is intended for information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional insurance advice from a licensed representative. Never ignore professional insurance advice because of something you have read in this blog post. Contact your licensed representative if you have any questions about your insurance policy.

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