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Updated: Apr 13

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Far from Home Alone style, cybercasing brings crime into the 21st. Today’s criminals use your trusty devices against you. Tech-savvy bad guys let you do their work for them via geotagging, social media “check-ins,” and easily-identifiable features in posted pictures. Not too surprisingly, the data they harvest can build a framework of your day-to-day. Favorite vacation spot? Check. Work schedule? Check. Kids’ school routine? Check. Creepy? Totally. Keep predators at bay by tweaking account settings so that location information isn’t auto-populated—choose to leave a little mystery in your whereabouts. While you’re at it, check your accounts’ privacy options and clean things up as necessary. Make a conscious choice to hold some key personal info close to the vest. That’s one simple way to protect yourself and those you love—case closed.


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