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Updated: Apr 13

semitruck driving on road in the plains with no one else

Working as a truck driver takes skill and grit. If you’re working with a good trucking company, there are some definite perks to be had, but the hours spent driving and less-than-ideal living conditions on the road can make it tough. One thing that makes your job even trickier is the relative danger you face each day. And this can change, from one state–and one season–to another. 


In 2022, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) partnered with transportation group Simplex to evaluate all 50 states, with the goal of pinning down the most and least dangerous states for truck driving. This information can help you plan your route and strategically choose your rest stops.  


Their criteria were simple: calculate the percentage of fatal accidents that involved large trucks in 2022 and compare that number with all fatal vehicle crashes. The results are in, and here’s what they mean for you. 

10 Most Dangerous States for Truck Drivers  

In some states, it’s even more important to keep an eye on your mileage, fuel, and general truck safety. Here’s the rundown:  

  • Wyoming: 18.97% 

  • Idaho: 16.33% 

  • Nebraska: 15.92% 

  • Iowa: 14.35% 

  • North Dakota: 13.24% 

  • South Dakota: 12.57% 

  • Alaska: 12.50% 

  • Kansas: 11.94% 

  • Indiana: 11.80% 

  • Texas: 11.39% 

It may be surprising to see Wyoming at the top, given that it is one of the least populated states. Regardless, driving through Wyoming can be risky due to its unpredictable weather and long, open roads. 

The state's high elevation and rapidly changing weather make it important for truck drivers to be extra cautious. This is where you’ll want to keep some crucial truck driving safety tips in mind. Whether you’re a new driver or have been hauling cargo for years, it’s crucial to pay attention, follow speed limits, and keep an eye on the weather conditions. Before hitting the road, make sure to check your truck at rest stops to ensure it's in good shape. 


Top 10 Safest States for Truck Drivers 

There are some states where you can drive with more peace of mind, while still watching your cargo to ensure you make it from point A to B in one piece. Here’s the list of the top 10 safest states to drive in: 


  • Michigan: 4.72% 

  • Vermont: 5.00% 

  • Hawaii: 5.26% 

  • Delaware: 5.56% 

  • Massachusetts: 5.74% 

  • Connecticut: 6.02% 

  • New Jersey: 6.60% 

  • Maryland: 6.97% 

  • Nevada: 7.10% 

  • Florida: 7.24% 

When cruising through the safest states like Michigan and Vermont, you can really make the most of your journey by prioritizing rest stops and sticking to their regulated driving hours.  

Driving through these states can help you save some money too, believe it or not! Trucking insurance companies will offer perks for drivers who prioritize safety, like lower premiums and bonuses for staying accident-free. So, next time you're planning your route or googling "rest stops near me" for a quick break, keep these tips in mind for a smooth ride.  

Trucking Tools  

Now that you have information about the safest and most dangerous states to drive through, let's discuss how to keep you safe no matter where the road leads. Using technology like telematics for monitoring your truck's health can make a big difference. This improves overall safety and gives you the confidence to navigate even the toughest roads. 

We also recommend being well-rested before entering those risky states and keeping a safe following distance in mind, especially in unpredictable weather, to prevent accidents. 

Lastly, make sure your trucking insurance policy covers everything you need on the road. While you can't control external factors like other drivers' behavior or road conditions, you can research the insurance your haul needs and follow safety measures to reduce the risk of disaster. 

Get Your Trucking Insurance Quote Today 

At Zinc, it’s our priority to ensure comprehensive protection for you and your precious cargo. With us by your side, you can travel with confidence, knowing that you're equipped to handle whatever challenges the road may present. Here's to a safe travel season ahead!  

This blog post was originally published in Nov 2023 and updated in Mar 2024.


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