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Updated: Apr 13

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Don’t let the snore-bore of a name fool you: PCI compliance standards could be your company’s lifeline, packing a solid punch in fighting cybercrime, protecting data security. A set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that “process, store or transmit credit card information” are ardently working to protect said data, PCI compliance is a must. Setting standards and covering tails, PCI compliance opens the door to insurance coverage for really important things, like, say, data breaches. Not only does PCI compliance aim to keep your clients safe and you in the clear, it also keeps hard-earned funds from being thrown away on legal fees, fines and penalties. But PCI compliance is more than “just good business”— it’s a way to show clients some love, proving that you value the trust they’ve placed in your company.


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This blog post does not provide insurance advice and is intended for information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional insurance advice from a licensed representative. Never ignore professional insurance advice because of something you have read in this blog post. Contact your licensed representative if you have any questions about your insurance policy.

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