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Zinc Welcomes Our Franchise Insurance Team!

Updated: Sep 7

It’s official! Starting March 1st Zinc is welcoming its new team, Insurance for Franchises! With over 50 years of combined experience, the Insurance for Franchises team adds another layer of expertise and growth potential for customers and carrier partners. The new Franchise team members are Stacie Waller, Samantha Neugebauer, Aimee Gebeau, Allie Oden, Autumn Grossman, and Tricia Krokoski.

Leading the development of the Insurance for Franchises unit is Stacie Waller, Director of Strategic Partnerships. Stacie brings over 25 years of nationally recognized experience in the franchise and insurance industry. Alongside Stacie is Samantha Neugebauer, bringing nearly 10 years of national Franchise Business Development experience.

“We’re excited to be a part of Zinc,” said Stacie Waller, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Zinc. “With Zinc’s focus on technology and customer service combined with our commitment to the franchise industry, we’re looking forward to providing clients with even better service.”

After 15 years in business, Zinc’s commitment to company culture, world-class technology, and a proven history of growth make this partnership a natural fit for the Franchise team’s skillset. Combined with Zinc’s reputation for targeted marketing and operational efficiency, our Franchise team will create new and exciting opportunities in the Franchise insurance space.

“The addition of the National Franchise Team represents a tremendous opportunity for all of us at Zinc,” said Chris Shaffer, Operations Director at Zinc. “Stacie Waller and Samantha Neugebauer have a phenomenal reputation in the insurance industry, and their expertise in the franchising space has helped build the future for hundreds of corporations and upstart franchisees alike. This partnership will allow us all to expand upon our common goals of customer success, growth, and national brand recognition. Welcome to Zinc!”

Please join us in celebrating the next phase of Zinc’s growth!

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