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Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Today marks the official launch of Zinc's new brand, logo, and website. ​Inspired by the modern yet timeless principles of Scandinavian architecture, Zinc's new brand features a bold and contemporary design. A design that feels clean and elegant while still pushing our creative boundaries. A design that shows why we're one of the fastest-growing agencies in the region. And a design that shows what Zinc is becoming - a modern classic in the insurance industry.

What Is Changing?

The Logo

Zinc's new logo features the letters "ZINC" in a sleek font with a brass color. This logo change represents a shift from the chemistry-inspired, "periodic table" style to a bold, clean, and contemporary design style.

A history of the Zinc logo

The Brand

2023 marks Zinc's 15th anniversary. As we celebrated this milestone, we realized that it was time for Zinc's brand to have a more mature look and feel. We wanted to use a design style that would be cohesive and clean while allowing us to keep the same creative edge we've always had. Most importantly, we wanted a brand that would look modern and timeless as we continue to grow rapidly.

As a result, Zinc's new brand draws heavily on Scandinavian architecture and mid-century modern design styles. Our new design is clean, bold, and modern. Our earth-tone color palette - including light tan, smokey grey, and earth green - makes our design warm and inviting. Clean, sweeping images and videos bring a dynamic excitement to the brand. All of our new elements work together to provide a "modern classic" feel that will never go out of style.

The Website

Zinc's new website has been built from the ground up to bring the new brand to life. Textures, icons, and animations bring elements to life and engage users as they scroll through site pages. Cards and tiles group information together and allow users to quickly navigate the site to find what information they're looking for. Expansive imagery and a warm color palette give the site an elevated, "larger than life" experience, like you're looking out a large window in a beautiful Scandinavian house.

However, the new website is more than just appearances. Our recreated self-service portal is easier than ever to navigate and use. Additional capabilities and integrations will be regularly added to create an even better experience. Eventually, our website users will be able to manage and update their own policies - making our site a dynamic tech platform that is an essential insurance tool.

What Is Staying The Same?

Zinc is still the same agency that you know, like, and trust. Our core values - including our commitments to customer experience and technology - will never change. We continue to partner with the best carriers in the industry to offer you the best policies available. And Zinc is still powered by the same people that you've built a relationship with throughout the years. Think of Zinc's rebrand as a fresh coat of paint on your sports car - the exterior looks better than ever, and it's still powered by the same engine that you love.

Join us in celebrating Zinc's new brand and website launch!


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