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Updated: Apr 13

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New is synonymous with inexperience. Naturally, without the benefit of some hard (and soft) knocks, good choices aren’t easily made. So when teens eagerly take the wheel, or students head off to college with the family ride loaded, you could be bracing for the worst. Concerns over your child’s safety are paramount. But financial and insurance matters are also among the many stressors. Tack on the added pressures of change and your head might be spinning with more questions than answers.

Keep in mind, this is new for both of you—your reaction is normal. But likely you to want to find ways to ease worry. Happily, we can help with some of that—at least the insurance part. So how about a little back-to-class peace of mind?

This series places insight on teen drivers, kids away at college, and distracted driving right at your fingertips—insight that can ease worry and strengthen protection.

Wet Behind the Gears

Some say that experience is the best teacher. Others might argue that it depends on the nature of the lesson. Yet, when it comes to new drivers, there’s little controversy: learning from others’ experience is critical for both parents and teens.

Here’s some to draw on in the form of some helpful FAQs:

  • New Drivers’ Learning Curve, Part 1— Now that my teenager is driving, do I have to list them on my auto insurance policy, or should I take out a separate policy just for them?

  • New Drivers’ Learning Curve, Part 2— What level of coverage should we carry now that our son/daughter is listed on our policy?

  • New Drivers’ Learning Curve, Part 3— It’s expensive to have my son/daughter on my policy; are there any discounts I can take advantage of to lighten the load?

Clearly, there’s much to consider, and likely many more questions to answer. And while the weekly hustle-bustle can easily crowd out important to-dos, adding a licensed teenager to the family’s auto insurance policy should remain at the top of every parent’s list. Thankfully, your agent has what it takes to guide you along your path.

College Student Role-Call

Learning is the name of the game. From social to secular, your favorite college student is soaking it in. But while they’re busy expanding horizons, be sure their safety net is wide and strong. Check out these thought-provoking situations.

  • College Considerations, Part 1— Since my son/daughter is now technically an “adult” and will be away from home most of the year, should I still list them on my auto policy or should they take out their own?

  • College Considerations, Part 1— My child will be attending college out of state; how can I be sure they’re still covered by our policy while they’re away at school?

  • College Considerations, Part 2— I know that the risk posed by a young driver is high, and our premiums still reflect that. Are there any discounts I can look into?

  • College Considerations, Part 3— Since my child will be living on campus, how can I protect all the things they take to school or buy while there?

  • College Considerations, Part 3— Does insurance coverage differ when a student lives in off-campus, rented housing?

Now that the canvas has some color, the picture is coming clear: there’s a lot to think, ask, and chat about. But take comfort and rest assured that confidence and expertise are within reach.

The Brute Force of Distraction

In a discussion based around insuring teens and college students, the topic wouldn’t be complete without wading into the deep waters of distraction. Distracted driving takes a heavy toll on society’s youngest drivers. Why not buy a few minutes and learn more about teen-focused policies and available safe-driving technology? You can have a powerhouse of protection for your favorite student whether they’re still at home or away at college.

Wisdom to Write Home About

From high school to master’s classes, protecting your student drivers can seem daunting. Three words for you: don’t give up! There are plenty of resources available that can help you stop distracted driving before it starts. Meanwhile, tailor-made policies reduce risk and expand knowledge. And for those sticky home-away-from-home situations that college years present, even the toughest questions can be answered with some time and attention.

Beginning to end, it’s all about knowledge and how much you and your agent are willing to commit to protection. You acknowledge that this experience could be a bumpy ride, but that’s no reason to settle–not for a policy, agent, or game plan. Get chatting with an insurance expert and take time now–before the storm–to shore up defenses and nail down protection. The rewards will speak for themselves: safety, savings, and peace of mind, come what may.


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