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library of collectible graphic novels

Every business out there is open to a unique set of liabilities–risk is everywhere! This is as true for a company that sells household items as it is for one that specializes in comics or collectible trading card games (TCGs). Interactions with clients, employees, and others all pose a risk. That’s where reliable insurance comes in to take the worry out of your everyday.

Why Collectibles Insurance?

While you might initially think of collectibles insurance as something only a hardcore collector with a massive personal collection would need, if you’re selling valuable collectible items, then that’s essentially what you are. Even though you’re catering to those folks, when all that material is in your possession, you’re the collector.

What’s most important to know is that standard business and homeowner’s policies can leave you shorthanded should you suffer a disaster and lose a large portion of your inventory. That’s especially true when your inventory is a rare or niche product that isn’t valued like typical commodities. Insurance for collectibles is made to cover the high and potentially fluctuating values of the collectible(s) you sell. And here at Protect My Collection by Zinc, we handle the full range of collectibles insurance, with clients that span a range from hobbyists to business owners.

Protection From Every Angle

As you enter the world of collectibles and memorabilia, you need to have a clear idea of what’s at stake and the potential situations you might encounter in your day-to-day operations. A solid business insurance policy will protect you against lawsuits or injury that might arise, and can help you to keep the doors open in the face of litigation. That could sound fatalistic and extreme, but let’s be real–strange things happen every day. So take the time to lay out the risks you face and how your business insurance policy protects against them. You can take steps to ensure that your privacy statement and contract verbiage is up-to-date, but we’re talking about a more comprehensive level of protection. The team at Zinc and Protect My Collection have a full range of insurance products at their disposal to help you stifle risk and encourage growth and creativity. Don’t miss these vital business insurance coverage options:

  • General Liability: Protects your business in the face of third party bodily injury and property damage

  • Commercial Auto: Covers the vehicle you use for business purposes, as well as offering injury protection and under/uninsured motorist coverage.

  • Workers Compensation: Workers are protected if they suffer a work-related injury or illness.

  • Professional Liability: Also known as Errors and Omissions, and protects against liability for damages caused by something you did or neglected to do.

If you have these lined up, that means that slips, trips and falls or worker injury can be handled quickly and fairly, but won’t threaten the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Once all these protections are plugged in, and you have a solid collectibles insurance policy to ensure that a fire, natural disaster, or theft that depletes inventory won’t end your business, you can sit back and know that come what may, Zinc and Protect My Collection have you covered.

We understand collectors, because we’re right there with you–we get the draw to the rare and hard-to-find. We’ll always make sure that your business and your collections are safe from life’s worst. Get in touch to learn more and do a comprehensive once-over to be sure that your collectibles business is ready for what’s around the corner. Reach out today or get a personalizedonline quote!


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This blog post does not provide insurance advice and is intended for information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional insurance advice from a licensed representative. Never ignore professional insurance advice because of something you have read in this blog post. Contact your licensed representative if you have any questions about your insurance policy.

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