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Updated: Apr 13

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Hook, line, and sinker—phishing scams are always in season. And anywhere you’d hunt for jobs can be under attack. With disasters rendering thousands jobless, the basic need for employment could turn to desperation. That low ebb of emotion provides ideal phishing conditions. So take note: when an ad claims guaranteed job placement, or requires a “registration” or “certification” fee, don’t be lured—it’s time to cast into different waters. Legit employers won’t make you pay for a paycheck, or make promises they can’t keep. Instead, look for professional lingo in well-written correspondence, and a real-deal website. Westfield Insurance was on the ball, warning clients and clueing us in. The FTC fills in blanks, offering free resources, clear job search recommendations, and recourse in the event you’re caught in a phisher’s net. Filing a complaint with the FTC can help you recoup, and aid in quelling the scamming tide. Wherever the compass points, phishers are trolling—don’t get hooked!


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