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Updated: Apr 13

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A common term for a nasty practice, the “gotcha” is no laughing matter. This punch line can sock it to you, with series of hidden exclusions and limits that ultimately threaten your ability to file a legitimate claim. Even if you’ve done your due diligence and read the fine print, you could miss clauses and statements that negate coverage in specific circumstances—usually because coverage is assumed, and language is convoluted. Whether due to a disconnect between policy wording and business practices, or because of open-to-interpretation jargon, a “gotcha” is never a welcome surprise. So ask an expert to translate, before the joke’s on you.


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This blog post does not provide insurance advice and is intended for information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional insurance advice from a licensed representative. Never ignore professional insurance advice because of something you have read in this blog post. Contact your licensed representative if you have any questions about your insurance policy.

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