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UBI & Telematics

Usage-Based Insurance takes personalization to new heights. Data-tracking devices—broadly termed “telematics”—collect stats, building a case history of driving habits; there’s often room for improvement. Listen up millennials: a proven history of by-the-book driving can land you fair rates early on. Pretty handy when you’re ready to buy that flashy sports car. Of course, opt-in is always voluntary, but with über-sharing a daily norm, the lower-rate trade off sweetens this deal. Standing apart from “big brother,” telematics’ lens is set to drive. But many states recognize the inherent privacy risk and mandate tracking disclosureanyway. Harvested driving data helps to accurately assign premiums, give discounts to lower-risk customers, juggle risk, and reduce fraud. Drivers tend to up their game, since they’re looking to save. And agents love that clients are groomed to be more cognizant (read: safer) drivers. Now that’s what we’d call a win-win-win. Providers like Safeco, MAPFRE, and OMIG have already jumped on board. So if you’re a grade A driver, congrats! But if you’re still working at it, telematics are your ticket to self-growth and (hopefully) a little extra spending cash.

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