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Updated: Apr 13

pile of collectible music albums

How would you like to make friends around the globe, thanks to shared interests in collecting? Maybe you aren’t into collecting per se, but you know a good investment when you see one? Is collecting a way for you to capture a piece of your childhood? Whatever the case, and however you found collecting, you are definitely not alone.

A Global Community Built on Nostalgia

This sports card collector got started when he was a kid in the 1970s. Football fandom was the draw. After a few breaks during his life, nostalgia brought him back to collecting in his adult years. Once back, he started to organize and focus on the cards he really loved. More time passed, and in recent years the resurgence of enthusiasm for collecting reinvigorated his original love for the pastime. Besides, with his own kids in the mix now, he can share his love of collecting and maybe help to inspire the next generation. His sports card collection spans baseball, basketball, football, hockey, boxing and soccer, both modern and vintage. He’s got some heavy hitters in his ranks, too–household names from years past. Because this collector didn’t fixate on one sport, he left opportunities open and found things to love about a variety of sports traditions, which led him to international collecting. His collection holds cards from 12 countries, to be exact, and that allowed him to connect with people the world over, even visiting friends in other countries on buying trips. Does it get better than that? We don’t know how!

Investor Turned Bonafide Collector

This collector has an unusual story. He wasn’t really into collecting and he wasn’t a huge fan of Elvis, but he knew that memorabilia had value and he thought it would be a worthwhile (and fun!) way to invest for his retirement. Of course the collector’s bug bit, and he did become attached to each of his over 1,000 pieces. These include about 80% of some of the first superstar merch ever available–wallets, hats, and rare photos of The King. This collection is bigtime, from famous outfits, instruments, and documents to gifts Elvis gave to his lady friends. In fact it’s the biggest outside of Elvis’s estate. Clearly, these items are valuable, and for some the value has only increased since they were first purchased, due to limited supply. This collection truly spans the whole of Elvis’s public and private life, and with an ever-increasing value, we think this collector is set up pretty well for his golden years. He’s testament to the fact that once collecting gets hold of you, it can become a lifelong adventure (and the start of a huge nest egg!).

Childhood Obsession Fuels an Expansive Collection

Like so many youngsters in the late 80s and early 90s, this some-day collector was immediately and forevermore obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT), from the first sighting on a Saturday morning during cartoon hour. This is well into the time when companies knew that merch would sell, and the TMNT product line was all this little dude wanted for Christmas. Life got in the way for a few years, but as an older teen he discovered online retailers and auction sites and started to fill in the gaps in his childhood collection. Nostalgia was strong with this one, and years later, he’s still enthused. Today his collection includes action figures, comic books, original artwork, movie props, video games, figurines, and original movies. He thinks that what sets him apart is his hyper-focused collection. Instead of having a variety of comic books, movies, TCGs or video games featuring different franchises or characters, everything he has revolves around the half-shell heroes. He’s focused his collection a bit more in recent years and enjoys the fact that he has well-loved and hard-played toys displayed right alongside sealed, in-box pieces. (PS: thanks to mom for keeping the toys around!) This collector also has some really personal connections to certain pieces, which meant a lot after losing a beloved parent. All-in-all it’s proof that collecting is so much more than the sum of its parts–it's a lifestyle that brings joy and fuels good memories.

We’re All Collectors Here, Right?

It takes one to know one, and here at Protect my Collection (PMC) by Zinc, we are knee-deep into collection. The obsession is real and the pull is strong, but the place it comes from can be different for each individual. Regardless though, all that treasure needs to be protected–Protect My Collection by Zinc is here for you. From prized video games to cult classic movies, limited edition albums, fan-favorite comic books and yes, even the legendary Pokemon TCG, there is so much out there to be collected. All the better to safeguard your stash with us. We get collectors, and we know that value can live on a sliding scale. Whatever happens, you can trust that your investment is safe with us. Get in touch today to learn more and sign up for a free online quote!


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