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Updated: Apr 13

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If you know Dennis, you also know Zinc: honest folk, working hard to help demystify the insurance scene. We’re happy to know you, and now that we’re acquainted, we have exciting news to share: we’re moving on up. Recent years have seen tremendous change, both at The Dennis Agency, and here at Zinc. We’ve collaborated with friends—new and old—both within the insurance world and in our surrounding communities. Joining forces with Broadview Heights mainstays we’ve rediscovered insurance and created a dynamite brand, all our own.

Zinc’s combined journey with The Dennis Agency began a few years back, after realizing that long-time neighbors would make ideal partners. Jim Dennis is stellar—he’ll always be the “indisputable pillar” that supported the Agency to new heights of growth. But as Jim’s time with the Agency winds down, Seth Zaremba and the Zinc team are honored to take up that mantle. This ride has been a raucous one, all the better though with our collective family and friends alongside—your support has been invaluable. But hold on: the next 365 promise to follow right in line. You’ve likely heard some chatter about 12 acres of Broadview Heights land and a certain historic barn, and we’re here to confirm it all. Our excitement level is through the roof, and we’re looking to share the positive energy.

Having outgrown our current, collective offices, a new take on a Broadview Heights historic legacy—one handsome, 19th century barn—fits our endeavors to a T. But rest assured: this isn’t about trends or biggering; it’s a logical decision that plum makes sense. After all, being on a progressive road together means combined paths and closely aligned goals; it became a natural and necessary move to formally join forces. But why choose an antiquated barn as our platform?

At both Zinc and The Dennis Agency, we are inexorably connected to our Broadview Heights community—we love it here, and we feel the love back. So for us, this gorgeous 100+ year-old barn is the ideal site to build anew, representing the best of this area and all that’s kept it going strong: a propensity toward hard work, dedication to community, and dogged resilience. That’s a strong, time-tested frame, and we’re keeping it. You can be sure we’ll jazz up the place with our growing collection of local art and our fine and fancy personalities, but we’ll be drawing on history to inform our future. For while locations shift and names may change, the things you’ve come to love and appreciate about Zinc, Dennis, and (aka Zinc Creative) aren’t going anywhere.

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